Insect, mite and disease control.

Plant-Tek, Inc. has been treating for control of insect, mite and disease control on trees, shrubs and groundcover for 25+ years.

Below is a partial list of plants and their related insect, mite or disease problems that occur in Southern California.

Palms & other MonocotsPlant-Tek, Inc - Sick Palm Tree
Aloe – mites
Bamboo – aphids, mites, scale
Cycads (Sago Palms)- scale
Canary Island Date Palms – see separate listing
Chamerops (Mediteranian fan palm) – scale, mealybug
Chanaedirea Palms – scale
Queen Palms – aphids, scale, pink rot disease
Dracaena – mites
Kentia & King Palms – bud rot, pink rot, and root rot
Pigmy Date Palms (Phoenix roebelenii) – scale, red scale
Washingtonia Palms – California Fan Palm –diamond scale fungus disease
Mexican Fan Palm – immune to diamond scale fungus

Dicot Trees and ShrubsPlant-Tek, Inc - Pests On Leaf
Alder trees (Alnus) – spittle bugs, mites, aphids
Ash Trees (Fraxinus) – aphids, whiteflies
Acacia shrubs & Trees – aphids, whiteflies, spittlebugs
Avocado – mites, thrip, scale, root rot
Arbutus (Strawberry Tree, Madrone) – aphids, scale, whitefly
Birch trees (Betula) – aphids, thrips
Bougainvillea – aphids, caterpillars
Cactus – Root mealybug
Camphor trees (Cinnamomum) – mites, caterpillars
Carrot wood trees (Cupaniopsis)– mites, thrips, aphids
Ceanothus (Wild Lilac) – root & shoot rot, scale, thrips, mearlybugs
Cedar trees (Cedrus) – canker, borers
Citrus trees – leaf miner, thrips, aphids, whitefly, scale, mites, et.
Coral Trees (Erythina) – mealybugs, aphids, mites, scale, whiteflies
Cotoneaster – scale, aphids
Cottonwood trees (Populus) – Rust, aphids, mites, caterpillars
Crape Myrtle trees – powdery mildew
Cupressocyparis (Leland Cypress) – very prone to canker disease and borers
Cypress (Cupressus) – borers, canker disease
Elm trees (Ulmus) –elm leaf beetle, aphids, caterpillars
Escallonia – thrips, aphids, whiteflies
Eucalyptus trees – eucalyptus longhorn borers, tortoise beetle, psyllids
Eugenia – psyllids, thrips, aphids
Ficus trees – thrips, aphids, scale
Hibiscus – aphids, scale, whiteflies
Ivy (Hedera) – Walking Sticks, scale
Jacaranda trees – aphids, root rot
Junipers – leaf miners, twig miners, mites
Koelreuteria (Chinese Flame Tree) – borers
Lampranthus (Ice Plant) – shoot and root rot
Lantana – aphids, scale, whiteflies
Magnolia – root rot
Myoporum shrubs and groundcovers – myoporum thrip. greenhouse whiteflies
Nandina – powdery mildew
Oak trees (Quercus) – “sudden oak death”, root rot, scale insects, aphids, twig girdlers, etc.
Oleander – aphids, scale, oleander leaf scorch (fatal bacterial disease)
Olive (Olea) – root rot, aphids, fruit prevention, transplant problems
Pear trees (Purus) – fireblight, fungal leaf spot, aphids
Pepper trees (Schinus) – psyllids, scale, thrips, mites
Phormium New Zealand Flax – mealy bugs, voles
Photinia shrubs – thrip
Pine trees (Pinus) – spider mites, bark beetles, Adelgids, turpentine beetles, tip moth
Plum trees (Prunus) – pear slug, thrips
Podocarpus – scale, aphids
Poplar trees (Cottonwood) – Rust disease, aphids, caterpillars
Pyracantha (Firethorn) – Fireblight disease, aphids, scale
Raphiolepsis (India Hawthorn) – aphids, thrips
Schefflera – mealybug, scale, whitefly
Sequoia (Coast Redwood) – canker disease, borers, mites
Sycamore trees (Plantanus) – anthracnose, thrips, tingids, mites, scale
Tristania Trees – aphids
Turf grass – cutworms, whitegrubs, weeds, fungal diseases
Viburnim – thrips, aphids
Vinca – leaf beetle, root and shoot rot
Willow trees (Salix) – aphids, caterpillars, rust
Xylosma – whiteflies